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Guess who's back?!?!?

Well its me; so how long has it been since we last talked? Years, well maybe months, but certainly not years. I go in at 2 today so like i have to make it quick if I want a chance to talk to my friends.... so like a butt load has happened ever since I last wrote. I am pleased to annonuce that now I have a social life yet again. Yesterday I was totally wiped out from working 9 hrs and waking up at 4am and junk like that. Nothing new about my friend with hair. My car was washed yesterday by my friend from work. It looks like brand spanken new!! I love it!! When I saw it, I was like OMG is that my car!!! It was shiny! Well today I work till 11pm so that;s an ugh!! But it should be the same unpredictable customers as always. well 15 minutes left so I got to bid adu. Later dayz.
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