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Guess who's back?!?!?!?!

Well I'm back. I had technical difficulty for like the past I don't know how long!! I feel like I haven't written in a crap load!! Ugh!! I hate that feeling! Well the last time I wrote, I wrote that me and my friend are slowly beginning to talk again. So as predicted, he 'fell asleep' on Thursday and so we didn't go to Starbucks to study. SO like I know that I have changed a butt load because I wasn't all butt hurt about it like I would have been! I took it rather well. And now it's like whatever. Like today I was supposed to go to the park with him....but I ditched him the last minute and told him that my stomache hurt! But I hafta go to L.A. real soon too. So yeah...well I have already started planning the church banquet. I've looked at some places and on the 14th we are going to check out the places and start fund raising!! You guys should go!! It's gonna be in all spanish though...if you don't mind!
I did very badly on my PSYCH test on Thursday...the school where I'm working at offered me more hours for may and June so that's good! Well that's it for now. From my computer to your: later dayz
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