whales2good (whales2good) wrote,

Here's to yet another eventful weekend (and its just getting started!)

What's up guys? Well I'm here in my room nursing my head injuries. Nothing serious, but I was an unfortunate victim of an accident. Well let me tell you what happened on Friday. So on Friday my sister was going to my friends house for a sleep over after this school thing. So we went to pick up my sister's boyfriend, and then two other friends. We went to Riverside to "observe" deaf people while they socialize for our ASL class; it was an assignment. So when we went their it was going great; up until the other two chick's b.f. showed up. We went to the sleepover and on the way over there I totally felt like a third wheel....it was sickening. Then I dropped the off. I was half-way home when my friend calls me and tells me that she back at the sleepover and I haven't seen you in year I'll write more later............
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