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What good am I if I don't speak

Yeah...so today I got the wonderful news that I MIGHT be able to go meet Sunkist on Saturday. I don't really know what to expect of him. I'm sure gonna write on here on Sunday about how everything went. So tomorrow is my friend's birthday party at 6. I really want to go, but I don't want to see various people. She's really sweet and I don't want to just totally ditch her on her birthday! Think I'll go after all. I still have to buy her a present...she likes Chinese stuff...I wonder what I should get her. Hey when is Karina's birthday? Is she going to have anything? We should take her out on the day that she becomes a year OLDER. j/k! Ugh! On Tuesday I have jury duty on Monday I'm really looking forward to going! I know its weird! My friends think I'm weird but I can't wait! I want watch again first hand the way lawyers do their work. Well from my end of the computer to yours...later dayz!
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