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Its currently mostly sunny skies with a .0001% chance of rain!!

Sup peoples! Well as I was saying...I can't wait to go back to work on Monday! I get to see these two hot (kinda like warm) guys. One is very sweet and I talk to every chance I get. The other, I'm scared of approching. Both, might I add, look very good when they wear black clothes! So yeah...yesterday I had church. I was supposed to turn in my choir robe, but totally forgot, so I think I'll turn it in on Sunday. Ugh! Sunday I have a meeting that will probably not go so well; I'm the only one talks while everyone is just waiting to get out of it. I'm very much craving chinese. I think I'll go buy some later on today. Ugh!! Need to pay my cell phone bill and my credit card bill! I need a job! Anyone out there know a place where their hiring!?! I need a job to pay off my debts!! Being in debt sucks major butt!! DOn't get credit cards people! You WONT use them during emergencies. SO that's it for now. From my computer to yours. later dayz
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