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Just doing my civic duty!!

Date: 11.17.06

1. Name (screen name such as funny101):

2. What is your favorite Fernando quote?
"Ni a Santa Claus le hacia cartas."
"Me pican los bigotes, y no los míos, los de ella."
"No, es que este tipo es un idiota- o sea, el calibre de imbecilidad que tiene... tiene moho en el cerebro, ¡nah!, ¿qué moho?, tiene--- tiene musgue. Qué musgue, ¡tiene guano! ¡Guano! ¡Tiene lleno el cerebro de guano!"

3. What is your favorite Fernando moment?
Where do I start?! Whenever he dances!

4. On a scale from one to ten, what level of addiction would you consider yourself in (ten being the highest)?
10 (and then some!)

5. What are the things that make you addicted to Don Fernando Mendiola and why?
HIS HAIR! How its slicked back...ahhhh! And the funny gestures!

6. If you had the opportunity to request one thing from Fernando Mendiola, what would it be? (please keep it PG-13…hahaha)
Could you please sing to me?!
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