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"Lately the weather has been so bipolar and consequently...so have I..."

Those wonderful words have been brought to you by the coolest band ever: Relient K!! So how's the weather guys? Its like freaken' hot! Good thing my house has something resembling an air conditioner so its semi cold. Well today is fulled with wisdom:
I don't know but everyone should "stop and smell the [freakin'] roses people"! You only live once; you can't repeat the last second you took in reading this entry. Live life on the edge. Well not in craziness; but don't forget to tell people that you care for them. Life is too short to be spent in anger and bitterness. Give people second chances; don't close your doors. Don't forget to express yourself. If you want to tell someone your opinion, do it!! Don't forget to also take people opinion. No matter what way you call it,: Opinions are imunity to being told your wrong; paper rock and sciorrs, they will have their pros and cons.
Enough of that. Well people from my end of the computer to yours...later dayz
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