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It's Rain. Beautiful.

So right now during my lunch break they brought Chinese (I LOVE CHINESE!!) WITH SHRIMP!! I LOVE SHRIMP!! bUT yeah check this out. I'm talking to this kinda hot guy here @ work and I'm making him laugh and everything. I make myself seem like I'm this indestructable chick. When (as you must have guess...) I squirt CHILE IN MY EYE!! UGH!! That was totally embarrassing! I was like crying a river cause I was trying to act all smart and then I end up squirting myself with chile! By the way...words from the wise: don't ever play with chile! It hurts like a freaker!! Yeah. So like he got a kick out of it! He was telling me that he used to go to church, but gave up on church. I can picture him worshipping God and being an usher at church. I want to invite him to church...let me see what he thinks about it. I have to warm up to him first. Well...he's really cool, he's a recently jumped the boarder beaner; but he's awesome. AND THEN...my boss took my car to go show a house...the catch? MY WINDSHIELD WIPERS DON'T WORK!!! AND IT'S RAINING A FREAKIN' RIVER! And I left my camera in my car!!! Ugh. I really hope that NO ONE TOOK IT!! I hope she doesn't crash my car cause then I'm scrood. I don't how to spell that work, nor do I want to learn. That's my life story. I'm finished COMMENT ON MY EC...bombard it...I don't care...just comment on it. Later Daz
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