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Finally....and end to the life roller coast called weekend.

Greeting. I hope everyone is doing just peachy! Well writing from where I left out, I went to the sleep over on Friday. That morning we woke to find that ALL OF OUR CARS were egged! It was perfect. Some of us took it as a joke. Then the lady of the house, my friend's mom, went postal and wanted to call the cops (props to you who actually did do it!) So we watched the car, swam in the pool, and had a 'picnic' outside in the lawn. Then it was time to say goodbye to go to yet another sleep over. So I was on the 10 fwy going west about 80mph on the slow lane when out of nowhere the van, which was a car ahead of me, came to a total stop. Being the unsafe driver that I am, I was tailgating the car in front of me. The car in front of me swerved to the right and the car on my left side also stopped. I didn't want to crash into any of the cars; I moved the steering wheel ALL the way to the right and missed the car by INCHES and ended up going up into the hills on the side of the freeway, crashing into who knows what and then coming full force down the mini hill. I kinda blacked out for a while. My head hit the steering-wheel hard. I (along with my friend,) was freaked out. I couldn't dial my dad's cell # so my friend had to dial it for me. My pops came and then my friend's boyfriend's mom came and they took me to the hospital. I suffered from a mild concusion, a HUGE headache, and post dramatic shock. I couldn't speak or anything for a coupla hours. I was kinda freaked out. I haven't been able to drive ever since. Well THANK GOD, my car wasn't hurt much. The tire was turned into a 'U' shape, and the car alignment is all messed up. But other than a bump on the forehead...all is well.
So that was Saturday and Friday. WEll Sunday was weird. Okay...I thought I was totally over the fact that I am no longer friends with my best friend, but then when I saw him pulling up into church, I freaked out and had mixed emotions of anger and sadness and resentment and bitterness all at once. So after I gave my Sunday School lesson, we went out to Carl's Jr. and then went back for Spanish service. Afterwhich we went to IHOP for some dessert. Talked to Candice for a bit but couldn't really cause my friend Jose wanted to talk to her and hit on her; so I had to end the converstion :( Then the young people at our church had a bible study so I went there. I ended up seeing a lot of old friends. It was loads of fun. THen I came home, and now I'm writing to you. SO from my computer to yours: later dayz
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