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I...I...gotta get outta here...I'm stuck inside this rut that I fell into by mistake!!

Hey you two! So how's the weather. Man, these past coupla dayz have been the most eventfully fun dayz ever! First on Saturday I went to this show like super far away but I had a super fun time! I thought the band was going to be all 'nose stuck up in the air' but they really cool and friendly! THen on Sunday I went to church, taught the little kids how to make some poping thingys, then went to a meeting and saw my 'friend' get chewed out by this guy that thinks i'm his friend. Then, me and my little bro went to STARBUCKS :) :) :)!! Then I called Candice to see where she was at, and she was at Wally World, so since my bro needed to take a major leak, we went there. After searching for either the gold Civic or the turquoise nissan, I finally called them, only to find out that they were at home! So, not wanting to, I went to my amigo's BBQ shinday they had. I was super bored! Then on Monday I went to school and learned about children and ADD, ADHD. Don't let your kids watch too much t.v. people; it will lead to ADD or ADHD. THen like later that day I went to work with Carol and Candice. Those little kids are so cute! Then I went home for a bit to straighten out my room. THEN, we went to look at some totally rad apartments in the beautiful city of Long Beach! Those were some pretty apartments! We walked around for a bit in downtown, and went to Redondo Beach. We took some cool pics! Then on Tuesday I was supposed to got to Jury Duty, but it got cancelled for Wednesday! On Wednesday (today) I went to Jury duty in hopes of getting picked. Much to my luck, I was one of the first groups to leaves! You have NO idea how much I was bummed!
Well I'm back at work! I was so cool! I was so energized when I went back. Some of the kids don't know how to pronounce my name (I don't know why) but they call me Wendixy. Which I think is harder to pronounce! SO like I walked into the school and these kids were like HI WENDIXY! I was so glad to be there! THe first co worker that said hi was this guy Isac. He's the coolest sweetest guy there! He actually talks and doesn't have a stern 'get out of my face' look! I think he's cool even though he seems very shy. BUt...looks can be decieving!! Well I like nachos! Tomorrow is my high school friend's birthday. Me and Candice are going to make her a cake and take it to her job! I can't wait. From my computer to yours: later dayz.
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