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Everyone Point and Laugh at the tomato face!!!

Okay so I went to my friend's birthday party...it was going really great. She liked her present that I got her cause she likes Chinese stuff, the cake and food was great. Then we got to the games and prizes. And guess what? I won!! I was having a great time until I got my prize. Guess what I got? Well remember those chinese purses from target? Well I got a red on and some black chopstix!!!! I was like: "Hey, this is what I got YOU"; and she was like, no, what you got me is right there, and your prize is in your hands!" I was so embarassed cause it was the exact same thing. I was like, hey I really wanted this! Ugh, next time I'm going to buy people stuff that is very rare to find!!
I know you people are laughing your head off! Be nice!!
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